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Full moon and epilepsy

Researchers at University College London have discovered that the number of epileptic seizures, which are related to electrical activity in the brain, falls when the moon is at its brightest.

“These findings suggest that epileptic seizures are less likely to occur on brighter nights,” says Dr Sallie Baxendale from the Institute of Neurology, who led the study. She believes the hormone melatonin, secreted only at night and in the dark, might be implicated, although it is not clear how.

“So far, all these research efforts leave us with more tantalising questions than answers. And, as Dr Sellke, author of the latest research, has asked, even if we do prove that the moon has a medical influence, what should we do with that knowledge?”

Have you noticed any changes in yours or your child’s seizures with the lunar calendar? Let us know here

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    Yes, we have noticed changes in my brother's seizures, but all the contrary. He has more and stronger seizures when the moon is full.

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